Tracking Gasoline Prices

by techtiptom

Originally posted to on 03/19/2012

GasBuddy Organization was founded by Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews as a collection of local websites designed to serve the public with everything needed for consumers to easily and freely share gas-pricing information. With the release of the first GasBuddy Organization Inc. website in June 2000 a monumental change began in the way that people shop for gasoline. Thousands of people have been regularly visiting GasBuddy Inc. websites where they post gas prices and identify the lowest priced fuel in their area – helping everyone to save money at the pumps.


  • was created in April of 1999 with the goal of saving the average consumer money. The idea was simple; give the consumers the information required to help them make cost-saving decisions.
  • Sometimes even the same fuel company will charge different prices in different parts of town to remain a low-cost leader in that neighborhood.
  • has no affiliation with any of the fuel.
  • By providing the consumers the ability to search their local gas stations for the lowest prices, their hard-earned dollars can be spent more wisely.


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As you are intimately aware, gas prices have been outrageously high and extremely volatile over recent months. As a cost-conscious consumer, Bill McClure wanted to find the best value every time he fueled his car to save money. Bill often drove to various gas stations to find the “best” value, but this took a lot of time and effort. After speaking with other drivers, he found that they shared the same concerns and adopted similar cost-saving rituals. In an effort to save himself and others valuable time, money and gas, this website was created.

Bill hopes you find this site helpful and assist in promoting its importance to all drivers by sharing gas prices. Any time you find cheap gas prices, please go to the “update prices” section of this website to post the information — we can all help each other!


MSN Gas Price Info

Pricing data is collected from more than 90,000 gasoline and convenience stores via OPIS, the only comprehensive source of U.S. wholesale and retail petroleum prices.

  • Amounts shown are actual pump prices, derived from credit card transactions collected from fleet vehicles.
  • Fleet vehicle credit card data can be reconciled at various times over a seven-day period; store and web prices may vary due to timing.
  • Eighty percent of the gasoline purchased for fleet vehicles is regular unleaded; therefore, 80 percent of the prices shown are for regular unleaded.
  • Any discounts or rebates given to fleets are taken into consideration after the fact, and prices shown include all taxes.