HTC Rhyme Review

by techtiptom

Originally posted to on 11/08/2011

First, the specs:

Platform              Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense (3.5)
Display                  3.7 inch WVGA, 480×800, Super LCD Capacitive
Processor            Qualcomm, 1Ghz
Memory              ROM; 4GB, RAM: 768MB
Camera                Rear, 5MP with LED Flash; Front: VGA
Color                     Plum

Very smooth case…  HTC is touting this handset as a better product than the iPhone…..

And as you may know, earlier this year Apple brought suit against HTC for patent violations. That, coupled with Google’s purchase of Motorola will made things difficult for HTC…

HTC built the first Android device (G1, for T-Mobile), as well as the first 4G (Sprint EVO)…

In the Rhyme, HTC is going after the female market. The plum color, the blinking charm to show an incoming call; and the cradle dock make this an easy handset to use…

It also comes with a “tangle-free” headset….  I guess HTC thinks that the charm and headset make the Rhyme for women.  I know my wife was a little offended…  She uses bluetooth for her headset, not a wired headset. And the charm is something she says would probably get broken off in the phone… Said she can hear her phone ring, she does need a “blinking beacon”….

And in testing, every time we connected to our house WiFi the home network went down; to include wired PC’s and game consoles…  I believe that was due to the conflict with the Rhyme defaulting to becoming a mobile hotspot…

All and all, not a phone for me nor my wife; but I could see the attractiveness for some; and at $199 (with a 2 year contract) it is a fairly inexpensive smartphone…