LG Enlighten

by techtiptom

Originally posted to wibc.com on 10/10/2011

Another cool Droid handset from LG….  I thought it wouldn’t be much, small display, small camera (3.2 megapixel), and a slower processor…. But I really like the “real” keyboard! With my clumsy fingers, having a tactile keyboard is a definite plus.

Oh, and the Enlighten offers  a HotSpot (3G)… I tested access with laptops, netbooks, iPhones and a Wii… Rock-solid connections…  But it did pretty much require me to plug in the power supply while in that mode. Wonder why it turned off my WiFI connection when I turned on the HotSpot??  Just kidding!

On the keyboard, I like having the numbers across the top; instead of having to press “FN” to select them from within the letters.  But I would have given that up to have a separate row for the spacebar.  I am not a touch typist, but the spacebar being stuck between letters bothers me. And I found that even though it is the width of three keys, I still had to tap in the middle of the key to get it to work…

What review would be complete without a mention of the battery life?  I found that with both HotSpot and WiFi turned off, the phone will last almost two full days…

I probably would have liked this phone a lot more if I hadn’t just checked out the Motorola Droid Bionic..
The LG Enlighten is meant to be the smartphone for folks who want bells and whistles but don’t want to pay $200 or more for a phone. I understand that the Enlighten will be available from Verizon for $79 with a rebate and 2 year contract.