Motorola DROID 3

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 08/08/2011

The Droid , with a qHD display, improved keyboard, 8 megapixel camera, and a dual-core processor; is a sharp smart phone. However, the Droid 3′s hardware is somewhat clunky. The  phone with its smooth, rubberish back feels weighty and very well-made in hand. On the other, it’s nothing but heavy and chunky. The phone’s larger 4-inch display causes it to be .3-inches longer and weigh more than the original Droid.  Really fills your pocket!

The Original Droid had only 256 megs of RAM and this phone is far from slow. 512mb of RAM is enough to handle the OS and other Apps.

But typical of the “droid” phones, the battery life is severely lacking. I did not touch the phone all day, and it was almost dead by 10 at night.  Of course, if you turn off WiFi, turn down the brightness, and only access the network when you need to; you can make the battery last longer. Turn off the LED flash, that really eats the battery.

Apps seem to fly on this phone! So it doesn’t have 4G on-board; so what! Not used to having that anyway…