Non-computer content… But maybe funny!

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 07/25/2011

I am trying my hand at refurbishing a home for my daughter and her husband, and am fast learning that I AM NOT A CARPENTER…

Sorry for yelling, but it all seems so simple; but it is not!  I take my hat off to the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc…

First, I thought that a “2 x 4” was two inches by four inches, and anywhere up to 12 feet long. Nope! A  “2 x 4” is actually one and a half inches by three and a half inches. Length I got right. Any board that is supposed to be 2 inches thick is only one and a half inches thick.

Then the widths…  2 inches wide is only one and a half inches wide,  3 inches wide is only two and a half inches wide, 4 inches wide is three and a half inches wide. BUT… 6 inches wide is only five and a QUARTER inches wide, 8 inches wide is seven and a quarter inches wide,  10 inches wide is  nine and a quarter inches wide,  and 12 inches wide is only eleven and a quarter inches wide.

The 1 inch is only three-fourths of an inch, and apparently they don’t make 5, 7, 9, or 11 inch boards.

Lots of math involved in cutting a board properly. And the saying, “Measure twice, cut once” is very important. I learned that no matter how many times I cut a board, if it is too short, it is too short!

Plumbing…. PEX pipe is so much easier than “sweating” copper fittings; where you kind of weld the pipes together. PEX is plastic, easy to run and cut. But remember, “Measure twice, cut once”; or you get to run the pipe all over again…

Well, more later. I have to get the water back on so they can “fix the mud”??  I think that is drywall lingo, or maybe landscaping??  I really miss my air-conditioned office and my computers!!!