Review: HTC Trophy

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 07/07/2011

he HTC Trophy: A 1ghz processor, 576mb RAM, 5.0MP camera with a flash; and a 3.8″ 800×480 resolution capacitive screen are just some of the specs for this new Windows Phone.

It is light and small, yet solid feeling; with a matte backing. No fingerprints,  a clean look.

Worked quite well with Office, and I tested it with a friend’s Zune: the volume is decent, crisp and clear; because HTC’s Sound Enhancer app can add SRS Enhancement. That makes it slightly louder without becoming too tingy..

The camera is decent and quick to load even from sleep mode; but I found it to be a bit grainy.

I tested data speed, and hit the following speeds (an average of three tests):   1.33 Mbps Down / 0.52 Mbps Up

I mainly use Word, but I did try a spreadsheet on it. The large screen made cell viewing and movement quite easy.

I also tested Netflix, and watched a short. Very nice… no lag visible at all…

To test battery life, I used the phone as if it were my own for a day. I made phone calls, surfed the internet, read and responded to emails, text, etc. I wanted to test real world battery life and figured, while this way of testing has many variables, it is the closest to what an average user would actually experience and care about. I then determined how many hours off of the charger the device lasted before it completely died: It lasted 13 hours before completely dying.

All in all, if you want a Windows Phone 7 device,  this is a pretty good option. It is similar in size to the iPhone 4 with a slightly larger screen, and thanks to Windows Phone and that 1ghz processor it runs slick!

The speaker is the only problem I see with this phone. If its above 20 in volume it sounds scratchy and well horrible. Great device other than the speaker.