RIM BlackBerry Bold 9930

by techtiptom

Originally posted to wibc.com on 09/06/2011

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 is two and half inches tall, four and half inches wide and about a quarter inch thick… making it more than 20% smaller and 10% thinner in size than an iPhone 4 . And it has a QWERTY keyboard!

I am comparing it to my wife’s Apple iPhone 4; and I find it offers a brighter screen with more vivid color reproduction, but it falls behind Apple iPhone 4 in its resolution (480 x 640 compared to 960 x 640) and its higher PPI screen which gives around 20% clearer display of text, images and video. The iPhone 4’s multi touch support feature, including intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom, and its larger size makes it superior to the other.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 has 50% more RAM (768 MB) compared to iPhone 4, thus making it more responsive and better for multitasking. In terms of internal storage, iPhone 4 offers 32 GB compared to 8 GB of BlackBerry, which means more photos, music and movies in it. The BlackBerry Bold 9930 has a more powerful processor, thus making it faster and snappier.

Both phones have a fairly fast wifi support, a good Bluetooth support, have assisted GPS in them and support 3.5 G network connection.  And there is not much difference with the cameras with both the phones offering a 5MP camera and Flash feature. The iPhone 4 has a secondary camera of 0.3 MP with no such feature in the BlackBerry Bold.

The iPhone 4 gives a very unusually long talk time of 14 hours, while the BlackBerry Bold gives only an average talk time of 6.5 hours. But it has a short standby time compared to the other. Both have lithium ion batteries. The Blackberry gives a maximum of 6.3 hrs of battery life against the 4 hrs of that of iPhone 4, thus beating it in terms of battery life.

Neither phones have built-in FM radio or FM radio transmitters. Both have a headphone jack; and neither support video-out feature.

The iPhone 4 is roughly 300 dollars.. The BlackBerry Bold 9930 comes cheaper than the iPhone 4 by around 50 dollars….