Want to Know More About File Extensions?

by techtiptom

Originally posted to wibc.com on 05/23/2011

Every wonder what file extension is associated with what program in Windows? Need to know what program is associated with what file extension? Let me tell you how!

So what exactly is a file extension? A file extension is the last characters after the period in the name of a file. If you currently don’t see them in Windows Explorer, you can enable this very easily.

– Select Tools Then Folder Options in Windows Explorer
– Select the View Tab
– Scroll down to the entry that says “Hide file extensions for known file types” and make certain it’s not checked.
– Click on the Apply To All Folders button and then close the window.

A great online tool to determine which file extension is associated with program is a site called filext.com Filext has a online file extension dictionary which allows you look up any file extension, and it shows you what type of programs typically use the file extension. It also provides a link to the company so you can follow-up with further investigation should you choose to do so.