Using your computer to cast multiple votes for your favorite American Idol.

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 05/24/2010:

Don’t know how you will feel on this, is it cheating or not? You decide…

I was searching on how computers are used on American Idol, and found the below instructions. I claim no responsibility for it, but if I had a home phone, I would try it! We had our “land line” disconnected, and we hadn’t used it in over six months….. Anyway, check this out, and let me know what you think!

I suggest that you print a copy of this before setting up your computer.

If you are like me, you probably have seen several websites that will sell you a program that will cast multiple votes for your favorite American Idol. I will assume that these programs work fine but why would you pay for a program when you can setup your own computer to doing the voting for free!. This is NOT a gimmick or trial-period program.

You setup your computer and use it as you like for free. This can be used for any TV show where dial-in voting is done.

What is required:

1 – A computer with a dial-up modem. Even if you have DSL or Cable your computer likely has a modem.
2 – A phone line that you can use to dial out on. If you have DSL, you can unplug that line and plug it into your computer modem. (usually located in back of the computer).
3 – This is designed based upon using Windows, but may apply to other computers as well. (see bottom).

How does this work?

The same method that is used for dialing up to connect to the internet with a few simple modifications will do all the work for you. Please note that different versions of Windows instructions may differ for setup but are basically the same.

1 – Click on “Start” on the bottom left of your screen.
2 – Go to “Settings” and then “Control Panel”.
3 – On your Control Panel screen you will see an icon that say “Dial-Up Networking”. Click on that.
4 – You now have a new screen, click on “Make New Connection”.
5 – You should now be at a new small screen, being prompted for a name of leave it as “My Connection”. You can change it to read anything you like, (e.g. American Idol, Voting etc…). The name is only for you to recognize.
6 – Below the name is the modem in your computer – click on “Configure”.
7 – Click on the “Connection” tab. Set “Cancel the call if not connected within” set to 4 or 5 seconds. Click “OK”.
8 – Click on “Next”.
9 – You are now asked to enter area code and phone# and (country if needed). For test purposes, enter the phone# you will be calling from. You can change the phone# at any time once you know everything is working OK.
10 – Click on “Next”.
11 – Click on “Finish”. You will now see the name of the connection you created on your Dial-Up Networking Screen.
12 – Click on the icon of the newly created connection.
13 – Nothing is needed for “User Name” or “Password”. Leave as is. The phone number should display the way you would dial it.
14 – Click on “Properties”, then click on the “Dialing” tab.
15 – Make sure that “This is the default internet connection” is not checked or unchecked.
16 – Redial settings – “Try to connect”, set to as high as you like (some versions have limit of 100 but you can restart over and over if desired).
Wait __ seconds between attempts should be set to as low as 2 seconds or as low as program allows.
17 – Click on “OK”.

You have completed the setup. Now test to make sure it works.
For testing make sure you are calling the phone# you are dialing from so that you will get a busy signal.

1 – Click on “Connect”. You computer will start dialing. After one dialing, click on “Details”.
If details states “no dial tone”, you do not have the phone line connected to your computer’s modem. Fix and retry.
2 – If you get the message “The computer you dialed did not answer” your “Connection” setting is probably too low. Click “Cancel”, click “Properties”, click “Configure”, click “Connection” and check your settings according to step 7 above. If needed add 1 second and try again. Repeat until it you no longer gets this message.
3 – If you get the message “The line was busy”. You are working OK !!!!!! Cancel the dialing.
4 – Change the phone number to the number you want to dial for voting.

Helpful hints for voting:

Start the program a little before (1 minute) they say the lines are open. Program will start voting as soon as lines are open.

If you get a busy signal, do not worry, it’s just like using your phone and hitting redial but your computer does all the work.

If your computer is limited to how many retries (like 100), just look at the details and it will tell you what call it is on and you can cancel and restart it at any time, which will reset it to zero. 100 calls every 10-15 minutes.

This program does not keep any stats, but will try connecting about every 10 seconds.This means that you can place approx. 720 calls in 2 hours. That may not seem like a lot, but if many people do it, it could make a big difference.

You may be surprised to know that most people vote on the hour or half hour, so these are peak busy time.

Why should I used my computer to vote?

The computer is just doing the same thing you would be doing with your phone by hitting redial. Let the computer do it. There is no guarantees implied or given, just information on how to use your computer as a tool.

If you are having problems with setting up your machine do a search on “Dial-Up Networking Windows ??” (?? is the Windows version that is on your computer, like XP). There is lots of detailed info on the net that may help if needed.

Good Luck!!!