Watching the Colts….

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 11/02/2010:

Fun times last night….

My wife and daughter had tickets to the Colts game, so I dropped them off at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Thought I would hang out at my office instead of driving all the way home and back to pick them up.

So, I wanted to follow the game, and get some work done. I went to, where they have a graphic field and show location of the ball, direct of play, etc.  But I also wanted to hear the game, so I opened another browser and went to….  It was great, except I forgot about broadcast delay.

A short delay is often used to prevent bloopers or other undesirable material from making it to air, including technical malfunctions or coughing. In this instance, it is often referred to as a seven-second delay.

Seemed to be more like a 15 second delay…  So I would see that Jake Tamme got his first career touchdown on the NFL graphic, and then would wait to hear Bob Lamey tell me about it.

But it was a great game!  And when I picked up my family, they were all smiles…..  And the Colts are the AFC South lead!