Listener tips

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 04/29/2010:

A listener wrote me, telling of a friend who was listening to the Kim Komando show (on WIBC, of course!) and a caller was asking about the best way to get a picture out of a Word document.

This person apparently regularly gets emailed Word documents with pictures embedded in them, and wanted to be able to extract it easier. They apparently described some convoluted process involving Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs.

He said Kim recommended taking a screenshot of the page, but then thought that wouldn’t be very high quality.

The listener went on to say that he discovered a better method a long time ago, and it is really easy, so he thought he would pass it along to all of us.

Open the file in Word, but then Save the document as an HTML file. HTML
cannot embed photos or graphics within the file, it has to link to them externally. By saving the file as an HTML, you force Word (and also Writer and probably most other word processors you could name) to extract the photo as a separate file.

He said at his work (the newspaper industry), he gets photos embedded in Word files all the time, and follows these steps without fail.

Maybe I should send this on to Kim so you can put it on her website…..