Cell phone Telemarketing Text Messages…

by techtiptom

Originally posted on WIBC.com on 11/13/2009:

Have you ever received a text message from a Telemarketer?  At 3:28 this morning, my cell phone sounds off…  I rub my eyes and try to read the screen..

“Lower your Credit Card rate today…..lower your current interest rate of 16.9% to 8.9% now!  Call ……… Now!”

Now, I admit that I would like a lower credit card rate, but I don’t wake up at 3:28 in the morning to consider it… And I have to leave my cell phone on, as I work in the IT department for Clarian Health (Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children; among other hospitals).

How can I stop these telemarketing text messages?

I did some research and found this, at


Customers can block text messages or calls from a specific phone number on its Web site, as well as restrict the sources of e-mail that reach your phone.

Customers can also reply to text messages by typing in “BLOCK” or “STOP” to prevent future messages from that sender, and call a customer service representative if further help is needed, said AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel.


Sprint wants customers to call customer service to report all spam messages so the company can modify its spam-filtering technology to block the phone numbers that are sending it, said Sprint spokesman John Taylor.

Customers should not reply to the messages, otherwise it verifies to the spammer that the phone number is valid, he said.


Postpaid and FlexPay customers can create their own filters and block chargeable text messages, MMS (multi-media service) messages, instant messages, and e-mail from being sent to their phones by calling customer service, spokeswoman Cara Walker said.


Customers can log into the site and sign up for Usage Controls ($4.99 a month) that allow them to block certain numbers from calling or sending text messages to the phone. And if customers text only with a few people they can create an alias address here for free and receive only text messages sent to that address, said Verizon spokeswoman Debra Lewis.

Verizon has filed eight to 10 lawsuits against SMS spammers over the past four to five years, and 20 lawsuits altogether involving telemarketers, she said.

What can I do to prevent unsolicited phone calls to my mobile phone?

To block spam phone calls, customers should register their mobile numbers with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry. That website is: