The PC and Mac Debate

by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 10/20/2009:

I am a Windows user; although I am and have been a Unix administrator for about 25 years. Whatever, I could care less. Computers are tools to get a task or tasks complete. The purpose of this article is to address why Mac users consider their computers and operating systems superior to PC users; then to completely debunk them.

A big reason I hear Mac users say their computers are better is the lack of viruses. I personally have not had a virus on my windows computer since I first installed anti-virus software 8 years ago. Mac users like to say their computers can’t get viruses. That is completely false. No system is safe from viral attacks. The reason windows systems have had problems with viruses is because of market share. More people use windows than any other operating system. So if I were a hacker or programmer who wanted to attack the most computers with my spyware or malware. I would make it attack the largest portion of computer users possible. Hence, the windows and viruses myth.

“Macs are built better.” Built better how exactly? I have used a Mac before and cannot agree with this argument at all. Are they built that much better as to costing three times as much as a PC? I think not. I am sure some fanboy will be quick to point out how they are built better than PCs. But are you willing to compare Macs with all PC makers? I doubt it. Sony and HP make really solid PC’s, not to mention Toshiba. I would put any of these manufacturers up against your apple any day of the week. I myself can build an ultra-high end computer for way under the cost of a Mac. I could use top of the line components all around and still be $1000 under the price range of a competing Mac. It would also perform better than your Mac because I was able to put better components in it for a lot less amount of money.

Somebody please explain to me how Macs “work better”. Is there something Macs can do that PC’s cant? No, there isn’t. So I really don’t know how this is even an argument. My PC performs flawlessly everyday with zero problems or issues. In fact it is the other way around. How about the complete lack of games on Macs? If you want to play the best games on the market you better have a PC. Macs support for games is lacking to say the least. This is because Macs only make up like 10% of the market share. Which is tiny compared to the windows market share. So it’s no wonder you have so little software and games to choose from. Yet you still proclaim Macs are better.

I think I have written enough to debunk most of the points on how Macs are better than PC’s. I am waiting for your rebuttals in the comment section Mac fanboys. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.