by techtiptom

Originally posted on on 09/29/2009:

Ok, so I am a little nervous. On Friday, I am having surgery to rebuild my nose.

Apparently I have had a “broken” nose for many years; and it has caused me to have nasal infections and bad earaches. I don’t recall breaking my nose, but after seeing the CT scan, my nasal passages look like a Gran Prix track!

So….. to try to alleviate my fears, I researched this surgery. Here are some of my findings:

The nose contains the most frequently broken bones in the face. A “broken nose” may have injured bone, cartilage, nerves, skin or mucosa (nasal lining). Air traveling through the nose is normally controlled by the position of the cartilages. Bone and cartilages out of place can obstruct the nose (my condition).

The nose humidifies the air before passing into the lungs. When the nose is blocked air travels through the mouth. Prolonged breathing through the mouth will leave it dry.

Well, there was more; with pictures…. Don’t want to see those!

Anyway, cross your fingers for me on Friday. Maybe I will post an after-surgery picture, so you can see me with two black eyes!!