Cyber Summer Safety Challenge FOR KIDS (From Comcast & McAfee)

by techtiptom


Originally posted on on 07/05/2009:

nstructions: Read the following with your kid(s).The challenge for you both is to discuss the following five online safety issues and to follow through with each of your promises.

#1: The Internet is full of fun stuff that we can explore together.
Parent: “I promise to play games with you, watch funny videos, find fun activities and places we can go visit this summer.”
Child: “I promise to only use the Internet when you are around or when grandma or grandpop or a babysitter is around.”

#2: Our passwords are private and just for us.
Parent: “I promise to keep our computer safe by locking it with a secret key called a password. Just like we lock our front door with a key, the computer key is only for our family and no one else.”
Child: “I promise not to give our computer’s secret password to anyone, not even my friends.”

#3: Did you know that downloading the wrong file or program could break the computer and you could lose your saved pictures and videos and other files?
Parent: “I promise to make sure that we have a special program running on our computer to help protect it from viruses that could break the computer and ruin all our pictures and files we have saved on there.”
Child: “I promise not to download a file without asking you first because if I download the wrong file it could break the computer.”

#4: Did you know that bullying someone online is called cyber-bullying?
Parent: “I promise to be nice to people and I want you to also. I also promise to help you if someone is being mean to you online. Just like when you’re in the school yard, on the Internet you should be nice to people and treat them like you would like to be treated.”
Child: “I promise not to tease people or call them names online just like I wouldn’t do that at school. If someone says mean things to me online, I promise I will tell you or grandma or grandpop or an adult.”

#5: Just like on the street, you should not talk to strangers on the Internet.
Parent: “Unfortunately, there are some bad people in the world and sometimes they use the Internet to try to steal files or information from our family. So, just like in the real world, I don’t want you to talk to strangers on the Internet. You should only talk to your friends. If a stranger tries to talk to you online, I want you to tell me and I promise to help you block that person from trying to talk to you again.”
Child: “I promise not to talk to strangers on the street or on the Internet and I will tell you if a stranger tries to talk to me so you can help me block them.”