Cyber Summer Safety Challenge For Teens (From Comcast & McAfee)

by techtiptom


Originally posted on on 07/05/2009:

Instructions: The following document should be read by a parent with each son or daughter. The challenge for you both is to discuss the following seven online safety issues and to follow through with each of your pledges.

#1: Did you know cybercriminals are increasingly taking advantage of social networking sites to infect computers with viruses and malware and obtain private information?
Parent: “I pledge to better understand how social networking sites work so I can talk with you about how to use the privacy settings safely.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to only share information online with my friends and not provide too much information about myself like where I live
or my phone number.”

#2: Do you realize that embarrassing pictures posted online could prevent you from getting a college scholarship or a job in the future?
Parent: “I pledge to talk to you about the consequences of putting certain kinds of digital photographs online could have on your future. I want
you to understand that “what goes online, stays online” so you won’t jeopardize your future college applications or job prospects.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to use common sense and not post inappropriate pictures of myself or post comments that could embarrass me or you
in the future.”

#3: Did you know you can greatly increase your personal security and privacy by installing active security software on your computer?
Parent: “I pledge to install (or have someone else install) active and up-to-date security software (like McAfee’s Internet Security Suite) on our
home computer(s). I also will download the Comcast Toolbar, which includes spyware detection and removal, a pop-up ad blocker and anti-phishing software.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge not to download software or games/applications to our home PC without checking with you first so our home computer
doesn’t get infected by a virus.”

#4: Did you know that bullying someone online is called cyber-bullying and more and more states are passing anti-cyber-bullying laws?
Parent: “I pledge to teach you that you should treat other people how you would like to be treated online. If you’re being bullied, here’s what you
should do about it: Stop communicating with that person; Block them so they cannot reach you again; Tell me so I can help you.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to treat other people how I would like to be treated – offline or online. I also pledge to talk with you if I am being bullied by someone – offline or online.”

#5: Do you realize that online not everyone is who they say they are and some people are looking to prey on children and teens online?
Parent: “I pledge to explain to you that online sometimes people aren’t always who they say they are and so you should be very skeptical of people who try to contact you anonymously.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to not talk to strangers online or to give out private and personal information about myself such as my last name,
parents’ or siblings’ names, phone number, address, social security number or where I like to hang out.”

#6: Did you know that simple passwords (like “password” or “baseball”) are easy to hack but that strong passwords, which use capital letters, numbers and symbols are harder for hackers to guess to steal your identity?
Parent: “I pledge to use strong passwords online or for our wireless router that are at least eight characters long and include numbers, letters
and symbols. I will also change those passwords a few times each year.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to use strong passwords too and not to share them with friends so we can keep our home computer and files safe.”

#7: Do you realize how much fun the Internet can be to explore together?
Parent: “I pledge to spend time with you this summer exploring the Internet, playing games, watching funny videos, researching fun activities and places we can go.”
Son/Daughter: “I pledge to come up with some fun ideas, find some funny videos we can watch or games that we can play together online this summer.”