Tips on How To Speed up Windows Vista

by techtiptom


Originally posted on on 04/23/2009:

Its been some time since Vista is out and right now 90% of the people are having trouble with vista regarding the performance and speed. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Vista Home Edition or any other version of Vista, you might want to improve the performance of your PC due to the fact that its noticeable that this operating system slows down your computer then Windows XP or any other operating system.

So before your pc blows out and you buy a new pc so you can run Vista, you might want to try out some tips which can Speed up Windows Vista.

Here are some ways to speed up Windows Vista and to improve the performance of Vista:

1.Turn off Automatic Disk DeFragmentation : Windows Vista’s disk defragmentation is always on and can really slow down your computer so to disable it do this:
• Click Start Menu and Open My Computer
• Right Click on C:/ and Click Properties
• Click Defragment Now
• Uncheck Run on a Schedule and Click Ok

2. Use MSCONFIG option to disable unwanted programs from the windows startup. To do so Click Start and click run and type msconfig there. It will open System Configuration, Click on Startup and uncheck the unwanted programs so they do not load when you boot your windows. If you can’t find Run, Simply click the windows button on your keyboard and type Run and it will show you the run option. Simply follow the steps mentioned.

3.Disable User Access Control (UAC) : This feature of Vista really slows down the pc and its sometimes really annoying so disabling it can improve the perfomance. So to disable it

• Go to your Control Panel, and Click User Accounts and select turn account on or off and uncheck user account control box and restart as recommended.

4. Disable Hibernation : Hibernation runs in the background and uses alot of system resources so if you dont use it, disable it to free up system resources. To do so
• Select Power Options in Control Panel.
• Click Change Plan Settings and then Select Change Advanced Power Settings
• Expand Sleep and then Expand Hibernate After Selection
• Crank the selector down to zero and click Apply.

5.ReadyBoost option : This is an excellent option in Windows Vista. It can use a storage space as a memory cache on a portable storage device and speed up Vista’s performance. To enable this feature just plug in a USB flash drive and open My Computer and right click on the USB Drive. Click Properties. Click the ReadyBoost tab and choose use this device. And specify the amount of space you want to allocate for this.

6.Disable Excess Windows Features : To Do this just open Control Panel. Select Program and Features and on the left hand pane, Click Turn Windows Features on or Off as shown in the screenshot below.

And you can safely disable these programs :
• Indexing Service
• Remote Differential Compression
• Tablet PC Optional Components
• Windows DFS Replication Service
• Windows Fax & Scan (unless you use a modem for faxing)
• Windows Meeting Space (unless you use the Live Meeting Service)

7.Turn off Remote Differential Compression :It allows data to be synchronized with a remote source using compression techniques to minimize the amount of data sent across the network. To Disable it, Open Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Choose turn Windows Features on or off, Scroll down and uncheck Remote Differential Compression.

8. Turn of System Restore : System Restore Feature in Windows Vista can eat up your system resources so its better to disable it. Go to Control Panel and Click System. Then click System Protection from left side pane and Uncheck the main system drive.

Hope these tips helped and improved the performance of your PC.