iPhone/iPad apps for IT folks

by techtiptom

Glowing sphere from color application iconsEvery time I think of something good to blog about, seems someone has beat me to it….  I was going to write on iPhone/iPad apps for IT people, when I found this:


Ryan Faas covers this much better than I could. Check out a snippet:

  • AD Helpdesk and ADManager Mobile – Both of these tools provide a mobile interface for managing Microsoft’s Active Directory. The primary mobile needs when it comes to Active Directory are basic user account management (locking/unlocking accounts, resetting passwords or password policies, changing group memberships, and managing which workstations users are allowed to access). Both of these tools handle all of these tasks. AD Helpdesk focuses a bit more on resolving user-related issues while ADManager Mobile offers a somewhat broader range of administrative features. Which one is best for you is a matter of your specific needs/responsibilities and personal preference.
  • Server Admin Remote – This app provides an iOS interface to OS X Server’s Server Admin utility. Obviously, its use only applies to organizations that use Mac servers, but it is an excellent tool for that community. One can even argue that it’s a more streamlined and efficient tool than Lion Server’s mashup between the basic Server app and advanced tools including Server Admin.
  • Server Monitor – Keeping tabs on the current status of any server in an organization is a key IT requirement. Server Monitor is a simple and straightforward way to that. It uses SSH connections to retrieve and display uptime, load average, and memory status.
  • RBL Status – Realtime blacklists are most commonly associated with mail servers, where they can automatically screen out mail from domains known or suspected of pumping out spam. RBL Status lets you quickly and easily determine if any servers in your organization have been blacklisted.