A walk down (computer) Memory Lane

by techtiptom


In my daily web surfing, I found this cool website:


Pictures and descriptions of all the computers I used to have, and many more that I didn’t.. Check it out!

The machine above is a Commodore SX-64, one of my earliest machines. The SX-64, also known as the Executive 64, was a portable, briefcase/suitcase-size “luggable” version of the popular Commodore 64 home computer and it holds the distinction of being the first full-color portable computer.

The SX-64 featured a built-in five-inch composite monitor and a built-in 1541 floppy drive. It weighed 23 pounds! It was carried by its sturdy handle, which doubled as an adjustable stand. It was released in 1984, at $995.00….