Effects of temperature on Computers

by techtiptom


Effects of temperature on Computers

How devastating are extreme temperatures on computers? If a computer were exposed to temperatures near zero degrees, would there be an effect on its internal parts (i.e. Motherboard, hard drive, etc.)

Computers generate lots of heat and are also very sensitive to humidity. Generally computer rooms are kept air conditioned in the low 60s.  Extremes of any temperature are not friendly to any type of circuitry. Extreme cold could make circuits brittle and prone to cracking.

Computers (and electronics equipment in general) are much more tolerant of cold than heat. They may be able to deal with zero degrees. Though as was pointed out above,  the components would be more fragile and susceptible to cracking. The main problem would be condensation. If the computer were not designed with that environment in mind you would most likely encounter some problems. Some such as computer modules in cars and military computers do quite well in the cold. I wouldn’t expose my laptop to zero degrees and turn it on.