Belkin WeMo

by techtiptom


The Belkin WeMo is a home automation gadget that acts as a digital go-between. It works as a Wi-Fi-enabled adaptor for your lamps, televisions, irons; anything that has a plug.

You then connect it to your Wi-Fi network and it allows you to control the device plugged into it;  via an app on your Apple or Android-powered smartphone. I download the free app to my iPhone 5 and used it to turn on a light at my home while I was away.

Worked nicely!  I had connected to my neighbor/friends security camera via the Web; and then I watched the light turn on and off!

The WeMo also comes with a motion sensor as well..  I tested it: Turned the lights on when the motion sensor was activated; so I didn’t fall face first into the fridge!

The WeMo is safe, good-looking, easy to use, off-the-shelf hardware that you don’t need to hack to get it to automate your home.

Anything that has a plug can now be controlled via your smartphone. I played with turning the  lamp on and off when I set it up at home. And speaking of set-up: it’s possibly the easiest gadget to get going I have ever seen.

The motion sensor is great. It sets up the same way as the standard plug and you can use it to trigger events around your house. I set it up in my hallway, and set a rule that said if it detected motion activated after 11 pm it would trigger the light. Of course, I didn’t think about the dog setting it off…  Once I put the sensor up higher I was ready…  Forgot I set it up when I got up in the middle of the night; got quite a scare!

This is a fast, relatively inexpensive way to build your smart home…..  I recommend it; wish I didn’t have to give back the demo!