Converting cassettes to MP3s

by techtiptom


Converting cassettes to MP3s

So, in an effort to clean up my home office; I have been converting VHS tapes to DVD’s….  Then I discovered all the old cassettes of presentations I gave (and the tapes from the Karaoke bars!)…  Decided to convert those to MP3 files and get rid of (read, destroy!) the old tapes..

But how to do it??  Using my trusty search engine, I found many ways ( and costs) to accomplish this…

Of course, my favorite is free!  I already have the software Audacity, a free, open-source application available on Mac, PC, and even Linux.
I use it for my audio blogs and voice-over work…  So it was a simple matter of connecting the output from a cassette deck to an input on my PC.

I record an entire side in one pass using Audacity. Then, I divide and batch export tracks as MP3 files..  Finally, I can burn audio CD’s; or store to DVD’s for hysterical purposes..

It is a little bit of work, but it’s free, and it’s faster than most methods I’ve seen. It’s also not dependent on anyone’s for-profit software solution.

I will pay for software when it is the best for the job; but if open source is available and comparable, it’s for me!!