Privacy Tips

by techtiptom

There are a handful of websites that allow people to find information on others. These sites are compiled using public records, social networking sites and real estate records. privacyA lot of information can be gathered from this information so it’s a good idea to search for your name in these sites.

Sites such as and require payment for full information. On both these sites you can remove your information, but it may require a bit of legwork.

Spokeo: At the bottom of the page click on Privacy for steps to remove information

Intelius: At the bottom of the page click on Privacy Policy and look at How to Remove your Information from the Intelius Public Records Databases.

Do: Look at Privacy and Account Settings on all social networking sites

Look for https before revealing private information. The S means the website is secure

Be aware of who you allow access to your information

Ask yourself if your grandmother would be proud of what you were sharing

Don’t: Broadcast your travel plans over the Internet

Share your address, phone number, schedule

Share information about work